Our rebuild is now complete and we re-opened on Saturday 9 July. We are open between 11am and 3pm every day except Wednesday (also closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day).

If you are interested in adopting a cat, it is best to make an appointment for viewing. Cats available for adoption are advertised on our website - See our "Adopt a cat" page - or on our Facebook page “Cats Protection Haslemere” or call us on 01428 604297 to speak directly to a member of staff. 

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for everyone’s help on our open day, whether you donated a cake or a bottle or helped clean the cat pens or stayed on to run a stall, we couldn’t of made it such a successful event without your support!

For those of you that came up on Saturday we hope you enjoyed the day and would agree that it was a rewarding event.

We have reserved almost all the cats in care, 17 in total on the day which was a fantastic number, and even more since Saturday.

We managed to take a massive £ 3,408.64 on the day!

See our short video about Cats Protection Haslemere here: Promo Video

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View our new video introducing the rebuilt adoption centre!

Could you be a Kitten Fosterer?

As we are in the middle of "kitten season" we are making another desperate plea for kitten fosterers. We really need the support of fosterers to help us to continue taking in kittens, especially during this busy period as we are now full to the brim and unable to take in any more unwanted kittens unless we have the support of fosterers.

How can I become a Kitten Fosterer?...
Anyone could become a fosterer. You will need a secure room to keep your foster cat in (the cat will have to stay indoors for the duration of its stay with you). A member of staff will visit your home to answer any questions you may have. We supply everything required for the cat from the food to the litter. You will need to have your own transport to take the cat for veterinary treatment if required at our local Woodlands veterinary center in Liphook. If you have your own cats they must be fully vaccinated, neutered and kept separately from your foster cat.

For further information please contact us

Haslemere AC Amazon Wish List

We have activated a Wish List on the Amazon UK Web Site containing small Cat Toys.
We 'consume' Cat Toys at a high rate and all support is much appreciated.
The Haslemere AC Wish List, is at the link below:
Haslemere AC Amazon Wish List

Many thanks to all who have so generously sent Toys from the List to our Cats.

Cats Protection Gift Shop

Do you shop online at Amazon or other online shops? Do it through easyfundraising.org.uk and raise a free donation for Cats Protection Haslemere every time you shop! Read more here!

Read here for more ways to support us!

Whilst we pride ourselves on the care given to all our resident Cats and Kittens, the Haslemere Adoption Centre cannot provide the levels of love, comfort and security found in a real home. If you wish to adopt a Cat or Kitten - singular or plural - we have an extensive choice, as below, all needing a loving home:

Katie Cat Theoden Cat

Young to Mature

Large to Small

Energetic to Sedentary

Happy to Sad

Individuals, Pairs or Multiples


We aim to match our Cats with the right homes, such as families with children, older people who need a companion, or rural homes that need mousers.

Have you a place in your home for a domestic feline companion or three? If yes, please use the 'Adopt a Cat' link on the left to browse images of the currently available Cats and read their details. Individual Cats feature on other pages on this Web Site, such as the News Articles. When relevant, 'Newly Available/New Arrivals' pages are also included in the 'Adopt a Cat' section; however, 'Newly Available' Cats may not be ready for re-homing for a period ranging from a few days to a few weeks. Individual 'Cat Pages' displaying additional images, information and video are occasionally included in the same Section.

When you visit The Centre, please come with an open mind and an understanding that many of the Cats will have endured some degree of stress or unpleasantness before reaching our Centre. Similarly, Cats unavoidably arriving from former loving homes can find life in The Centre extremely stressful. Their familiar routines and surroundings have been snatched away and they cannot understand why this has happened. Consequently, some Cats will not present themselves too well on a first meeting. Please understand their situation and do not be put-off if they are not immediately loving and affectionate. Apparently 'withdrawn' or 'unfriendly' Cats invariably completely change their personality once happily settled into a new loving home. Please read our many 'Success Stories', accessed via the 'Feature Pages' Menu, for absolute confirmation of such change.

Useful information about the Cats Protection Adoption Process is available
by following Link below to the National Cat Centre Site:

CP Adoption Information

If you have already made a decision to adopt, only the choice remains, consider discussing with Haslemere Centre in advance the likelihood that a Home Visit will be sensibly necessary and, if the answer is yes, arrange for the visit to take place before coming along to choose your new companion(s). Then, when you visit, if you meet the ideal Cat or Kitten for you that choice can be immediately reserved. Moreover, if you have all preparations in place and your new family member(s) are ready to be homed, your choice(s) can go home with you that day. Following this sequence avoids any concerns that whilst waiting for a Home Visit to be completed, your ideal feline companion(s) could be re-homed with another family.

Please take time to read the information available on the 'Cat Care Reference Information' pages on this site. Particularly the Pamphlet 'Welcome Home' - some very important tips contained within. A Link is available below.

Cat Care Reference Information is available via the Links below:

Cat Care Essential Guide Documents and Behavioural Videos

CP Cat Topics Document Repository

For specific queries, please call us on 01428 604297 or view our contact information here:
Haslemere Centre

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